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Creating Memories
Welcome to Silver Eagle Video
Thank you for visiting the Silver Eagle Video Homepage. Silver Eagle is currently on hiatus with no set return date. Please check back for more information.

Welcome and thank you for stopping by the website for Silver Eagle Video. Born from a passion for telling stories, Silver Eagle loves to take events and create memories. Some are pretty straight forward (a football game) where others are more complex (a wedding). Some events are special (an anniversary) where others are solemn (a funeral).

Silver Eagle understands your event is special to you. That is why Silver Eagle would like to do the work for you and let you enjoy your time with family and friends. At a birthday, why bother with the hassle of lugging around the camera when you have enough on your plate (literally). At a 50th wedding anniversary, spend time with family instead of trying to get the next shot. Perhaps you would like something different, like a family tree. Instead of pictures, video can be included to tell life stories of some or all individuals. Perhaps a friend has a concert and you would like it video taped. Silver Eagle has taped at such places as The O.C. Pavillion.

Does your corporation need something to get your message out to your clients or potential customers? Perhaps you have a new product and would like a demonstraton video but don't want to spend tens of thousands on video production. Perhaps you have a meeting coming up and while a PowerPointTM would work, a video will be more impressive to use. Deliver that something better that your client (and perhaps your boss) expects. Big corporation or small business, Silver Eagle can make something to fit your needs.

Please take a few minutes to browse the website and feel free to contact Silver Eagle if you have any questions or want more information.
Welcome to Silver Eagle VideoServicesAboutFeedbackContact