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Special Events

Special events come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Be it a special birthday, coming of age at a Bat/Bar Mitzvah or Quinceanera, a family reunion or special anniversary. How about your child’s sporting event. Watch the game, not a monitor. A special concert by a family member or friend. A play or drama presentation.

Varied are the events Silver Eagle can cover for you.

How about a video family tree. Instead of simply a pictorial of the family tree, each member, if able, can give a synopsis of their life or tell important family stories...OK, even cutesy ones.

Have a pending addition to the family and want to try something different to let your family across the country or right here at home know? How about a little video magic to show off your future bundle of joy.

Do you have some old videos that you would like converted to DVD or even combined to make something of a highlight reel?

Please feel free to ask about services you may like to have done.

Welcome to Silver Eagle VideoServicesAboutFeedbackContact